Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Necklace mod. You're my Star

"You're My Star" necklace
My new creation!
I <3 this necklace!
Little heart shaped beads & stars :)
Wearing the "You're My Star" necklace


This is another one of my "unusual" necklaces! As you can see, it's asymmetric- on purpose, of course!!
It's made out of a golden chain and little plastic pendants in a shape of stars and hearts :), hence the name "You're my Star" !!
This is one of my newest creations. I'd recommend wearing this necklace to complete the "denim trend" look. As you can see from the pics above, you can also wear it with simple tops or maxi cardigans with a V-neck!
With this necklace, you'll definitely be very trendy :)

Availability: ONE piece 
edit: This necklace has been sold. Similar necklaces might be available on order. Feel free to send me your inquiry!

If you're interested to find out more on this necklace, feel free to comment providing  me with your contact info, or send me a message directly to: 


Thanx for your interest!



  1. Thanx girl!!!
    I'm glad you're following my new jewellery blog :)
    Welcome ;)

  2. I believe this one is my favorite of the three..love it!



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