Friday, 7 May 2010

Bracelet mod. Sweet Hearts

Bracelet mod. Sweet Hearts

Three golden chains& three colorful heart shaped beads

Bracelet mod. Sweet Hearts

Bracelet mod. Sweet Hearts (close- up)

Only ONE piece available!

Do you want to tell to somebody how much do you care?

This necklace is the cuttest way to do that! ;)


So, recently, I got a couple of questions about bracelets... you guys were interested to know if I make bracelets and how much do they cost.
I do make bracelets, and this pair is just one of the models that I made/ have to show.
I'll try to put pics of all the models available as soon as I can, and put them here on my blog!
As far as the price goes, it varies from one to another. It always depends on the material from which they're made, and on the time I actually put into making them.
So the price goes from 7 euros up... I really prefer not to put the price in my actual blog post, but tell this to you in the mail, when you contact me (if interested).
So, don't be affraid of the high prices of my handmade jewellery- there are lots of very affordable pieces as well :)
If you're only interested to know more info, but you're not sure whether you're going to actually make the purchase, don't be affraid to contact me- I'd be glad to give you more info on what you're interested in, without expecting anything from you- giving you the possibility to decide by yourself with calm!
One more thing about the bracelets though... the ones that you see/ you'll see here posted, are made to fit my wrist size (which is really tiny)- I'll give you a measure if you're interested.
So, obviously, most of the bracelets are available on order in your wrist size!
In order to get more info, just write me a comment bellow, providing me with your contact info, or send me an e-mail directly to:

The bracelet that you see here is made out of three golden chains and three plastic pendants in the shape of hearts (2 red, 1 green )- it is also possible to choose the colour of the hearts!

Availability: ONE, but more available on order (with your wrist size& the colour preference of the heart  pendants)

Thank you for taking your time and viewing my blog!


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