Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Necklace mod. Magic Sphere

Necklace mod. Magic Sphere
Long golden chain& transparent beads
It dresses up even the simplest outfit!
The necklace is quite long.
Magic Sphere: For a little touch of magic in your outfits!

This "Magic Sphere" necklace is made with golden chain, golden rings and plastic round beeds in two different sizes (as you can see from the pics above).
The round beeds are transparent with delicate yellow stripes "inserted" into them- that's why they reminded me on some kind of Magic Sphere from the Sci-fi movies that I used to watch a lot as a kid!
This necklace can be worn in almost every occasion- with formal outfits, but even with casual outfits!

Availability: ONE piece available
(edit: this necklace is no longer available.)

If you're interested in more info about this necklace (or my handmade jewellery in general), don't hesitate to send me an e-mail to:

You can also leave me a comment under this blog post with your contact info and I'll contact you!

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  1. Sonja, all the necklaces on this page today are gorgeous..but I will just comment here. I thought of you today, as I was browsing the Norstrom catalogue I received in the mail. There were pages of necklaces - some with silk flowers intermingled or silk ties to ties at the back of your neck. Some were glass bead necklaces or beaded ones and bracelets too - 50.00 EACh for a tiny one...the rest of the necklaces ran about 48.00 and I was thinking how gorgeous they all were (and the price of cosmetics, but lasting longer! LOL)...I thought oh, these would inspire Sonja!!! They were all beautiful!

  2. Oh, I forgot. One girl has several bracelets on her arm and ea. was 50.00, but they were like braided tiny cords of thread, with tiny gold beads mixed in...and then had a little strand of thread hanging from the bracelet.



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