Monday, 29 August 2011

New Necklaces: Bronzed Treasures and Summer Dreams


As I've promised, here I present you a new, new necklaces in my collection of B-deas Jewellery!
"Bronzed Treasures" and "Summer Dreams" are handmade by me; they're made out of a longer black cord and lots of earthern tone beads of different shapes & sizes.
There are wooden beads, a couple of beautiful bronze coloured ones, and "Summer Dreams" also has one pretty sea shell, all "braided" together.

These necklaces are unique, I only have one piece available per necklace.

Let's take a look on the pics...

"Bronzed Treasures"

Necklace mod. Bronzed Treasures

Necklace mod. "Summer Dreams"

"Summer Dreams"

As most of the times, I found my inspiration for these necklaces in Summer, in my summer vacations and just in all the Beauty coming from the summer period and from a long, warm,  sunny days :)

For any additional info, feel free to contact me:

with a subject: "B-deas Jewellery" (so I'll know instantly what is it about and will try to reply ASAP!)


Thank you for viewing my jewellery blog!

xx Sonja

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