Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Welcome Post!

Hello my dear girls!

With this post, I'd like to give you a big Welcome to my new blog!
So many of you showed a great interest in my handmade jewellery, asking me questions about whether I could show you more detailed pics of it, asking me if it was available for sale...asking me to update you regularly on the new pieces that I make...
That's why I decided to create this blog, and it's going to be dedicated exclusively to my jewellery.
I'll post here regularly with pics and info on the jewellery that I currently have available, and update you on the new pieces that I just made!
I hope this is going to be fun for both of us& that you'll like visiting this place...where colourful beeds& my ideas meet...& the jewellery is born. :)
I'll also tell you more about what inspired me to do a certain piece of jewellery, as every single item has a little story behind, and when it comes to my jewellery- I believe it's important to tell it!
That's what makes it more special & gives it "a soul".
Some of the pieces that I have made are unique, a one piece only, ideal if you're the person who likes to have a unique piece of jewellery. I will always state whether a certain piece of jewellery is unique and if so, you'll have my guarantee that I won't make other exact same piece.
B-deas is my line of jewellery, I hope you'll like it, maybe even decide to purchase something, and most importantly, that you'll keep comming back to this blog& keep exploring it, checking out my new creations!
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your interest& support!


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