Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Earrings mod. Lolipop Charms

"Lolipop Charms"
I'm loving the colours of these little horn pendants :)

These earrings are made with three golden chains and a colourful, plastic beads attached.
The beads are in a shape of a horn and by an italian belief, they protect against the evil eye.
Here is a bit more on this belief: "Corno, or cornicello, is an Italian amulet of ancient origin. "Corno" means horn and "cornicello" means little horn- these names refer to a long, gently twisted horn- shaped amulet worn in Italy to protect against the evil eye.
The type of horn they're intended to copy is not a curled- over sheep horn or goat horn but rather like the twisted horn of an African eland or something similar.
Over the years they have become rather stylized and now look less like a natural animal horn than they once did. A regionally popular amulet, they are primarily found in Italy and in America among descendents of Italian immigrants. These little horns (like the horns of all horned animals) are presumed to have once been sacred to the Old European moon godess, before the rise of Christianity. In Catholic symbolism, they would be related to the Virgin Mary, who is shown standing on a lunar crescent."

A little story behind these earrings: I made them in period when I was between jobs.
I liked the idea of little horns as an amulet and added colours because I wanted to think positive about my future& be persistant in my search for a new job!
Pieces available currently: One

Ideal for summer!!

If you're interested in this piece of jewellery, don't hesitate to contact me! Leave me a comment bellow, or simply send me a mail at:

Thanx for reading this blogpost, I appreciate your interest!



  1. I love the COLORS on these earings! They are so beachy, and colors I love. All your jewelry is so beautiful!!

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