Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Earrings mod.SeaShells Sun

Earrings mod. Sea Shells Sun

Sea Shells Sun (this model comes with a red beads)

These earrings, as you can see, are the same model as the ones from my previous post...
The only difference is,
the colour of plastic beads integrated in the golden chain (these are red- hence the name SeaShells Sun).
Again, these are the real shells from the Adriatic Sea.
I believe this piece of accessorie is ideal for the spring& summer days!
They're very lightweight, they won't make your earlobes hurt, so you can wear them all day long!
They're great with any kind of simple outfit, even just with a plain cotton tank top &blue skinny jeans. They'll make any outfit more special.

Pieces available currently: Two

Sea shells are from the Adriatic Sea

A unique piece of jewellery!

I will regularly update the status/availability of my jewellery, even in my older posts, so keep checking them out!( if there is a certain piece of jewellery you're interested in buying, but you're affraid it might be sold out! )

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