Monday, 26 April 2010

Earrings mod.Golden Leaf

Earrings Golden Leaf mod. two leaves total

Golden Leaf (two leaves total)

Golden Leaf mod. four leaves total

To conclude my series of these type of earrings (thin golden chains with small pendants attached), I'll present you with this model of earrings, called Golden Leaf. I believe it's not very difficult to figure out where did I come up with this name- the pendants attached to the chains are actaully golden leaves :)
When I think about this piece of jewellery, I think of the Fall. Only in the Fall can we see that intense, golden colours of the leaves...
And even though the Fall is personally not my favourite season, because the arrival of the Fall means that the Summer is over and that we're heading towards the cold Winter, I actually like these earrings very, very much and I never feel down when wearing these- even though they remind me of the Fall :D
As i've just mentioned, I have a pair of these myself, and when wearing them, I always get a lot of compliments! I like to wear them with elegant outfits for more special occasions- no matter in which Season are we!!

I have them available in two possibilities:
 -The model with only one leaf per earring (two leaves total).
-The model with two leaves per earring (four leaves total).
You can see it on the pictures included in this blog post!

-Mod. with two leaves total: One piece of earrings available.
-Mod. with four leaves total: One piece of earrings available.

If you're interested in more details on this (or any other) piece of jewellery, feel free to leave me a comment under this blog post, or send me an e-mail directly to:

Thank you for viewing my jewellery blog!

xoxo Sonja


  1. I think leaf earrings are so cool. I am always attracted to them! Right now, I am not wearing earrings, as I found I am sensitive to metals, as my aunt was!!! But, I do like them!

  2. These are sooooo gorgeous! Very elegant and chic. I especially like the ones with four leaves total. Can you please let me know the price?

  3. Hi Alyson!
    Thank you very much for your inquiry!
    Please let me know your e-mail address or other contact info, so I could send you the price of the earrings you're interested in.
    You can leave me a comment here or message me your info directly on:

  4. Hi, Sonja! My email address is Thanks!



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