Monday, 13 December 2010

Holiday Season With B-deas Jewellery!

Hello guys!
How have you been doing?
I know, I know, it's been a while since I posted here on my handmade jewellery dedicated blog!
But here I am now to give you a little update on what's new on B-deas jewellery!
Holiday season is approaching& I'd like to present you some of my handmade jewellery pieces that I believe, could be an ideal gift for your beloved ones!
Or, if you have been feeling like treating yourself with something nice, maybe a unique piece of accessorie that you can wear with your outfits in the special occasions& festivities, might just be the answer!
Remember, all my jewellery is handmade, unique& made with love <3
Today I took a fun day trip to the mountains, brought my jewellery with me, exhibited them in an unique way& took a lot of pics, to show them here on my blog, what have I prepared for you in this holiday season! :)
Necklace mod. Tribal Poem

Necklace mod. Colours of My Joy

Necklace mod. Colours of My Joy (close-up)

Necklace mod. Golden Lorena

Necklace mod. Fairytales& Bows

Necklace mod. Purple Cuteness

Necklace mod. Silver Sea 02

Necklace mod. Silver Sea 02 (pic #2)

Necklace mod. Tribal Music

Necklace mod. Sunny Anna

Bracelet mod. Sweet Hearts

Necklace mod. Diva

Bracelets mod. Vragolani
(to be sold together, or individually)

Bracelets mod. Vragolani (pic #2)

Necklace/ Bracelet mod. Pink Lady

Necklace mod. Antique Perals

Necklace mod. Antique Pearls (pic #2)

Necklace mod. Sonja Loves Green!

So, here are they!
If you saw a piece of jewellery that you're interested in, for any type of additional information, don't hesitate to contact me!
You can do so by leaving me a comment under this blog post, with the model of the jewellery you're interested in& your contact details.
You can also contact me directly at:

Thank you all for stopping by!
Have a Happy Holidays :)
xoxo, Sonja

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Free Shipping Worldwide In July!!

Hello girls!

You might have been wondering what's new on B-deas jewellery, since I haven't been posting anything new in a while...
Basically, it's so hot in Italy these days, that I haven't really been doing much... I do have some new ideas& new necklaces that I need to finish, but I need to go shopping for my supplies before, as I ran out of some bits& pieces that are needed for the successful creation of a new jewellery.

I am preparing two videos on my handamde necklaces that I haven't shown you yet on my youtube channel, so I'm hoping I'll have these complete by the end of the next week.
Therefor I took these pics (because I'm going to include these in my videos too), so here you have a little preview of what's my videos going to be about! :)

I wanted to mention one IMPORTANT thing! July (Summer) sales has began!
I can't really offer you a huge sale on my jewellery, I hope you'll understand that, I'm not in a mass production and my jewellery is really unique& original.
But I did want to do a little something for my loyal supporters, that's how I decided to give you a gift of a FREE SHIPPING during the whole month of JULY on any of my handamde item that you choose! I'm offering THE FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE, regardless of where do you live!
So if you have your eyes set on any of my jewellery pieces, now is the right time to get it!!

(I'm offering the free shipping the regular way, if you'd like to ensure your package, or have it sent with the receipt, you'll pay the extra difference between the regular shipping and the one you required. AE, if the regular shipping costs 3 euros and the one you required costs 7, you'll pay 4 euros for the shipping, the rest will be on me.)

Don't hesitate to contact me! Whatever questions you might have! Sometimes you'd be surprised at how affordable are a certain pieces of my handmade jewellery :) Don't be affraid to ask!
Here is my contact address:

Thank you for all your support& enjoy your summer (wearing B-deas jewellery)!


Beautiful girls wearing B-deas jewellery!

Thank you Melissa and Yafit!

I'm so happy to see my jewellery on your beautiful& smiling faces :)

Melissa is wearing my handamde earrings mod. SeaShells Sky
Yafit is wearing my handmade earrings mod. SeaShells Sky and Golden Leaf (two leaves total)
I think both of these models look really well with Yafit's gorgeous hair!

I'm so happy you girls enjoy wearing my jewellery, and I appreciate so much you sending me your pics!! <3 <3

Please check out Melissa's MakeUpAlley profile here:
"ManhattanMermaid Makeup"
She is awesome, she does this amazing FOTD on that board!
I think we should all try to convince Melissa to start her youtube channel& start making make up tutorials- she'd be great at that! :)

If you have purchased my handmade jewellery, and would like to send me your pic wearing it& be published on my blog, feel free to do that! I'd be glad to receive your pic :)
You can send it to me at my e-mail address:

The same e-mail address goes if you're interested in purchasing any of the jewellery pieces that I have posted on this blog!
Thank you very much for your support!


Saturday, 26 June 2010

New Necklaces!

Hello everybody!

Here are the pics of my newest necklaces! I've made them all in one afternoon when I got really inspired :)
These are three different necklaces, but keep in mind that the first one comes in a set with a pair of earrings!
I love them all!!
1.) My Little Sea Horse
2.) My Darling Butterfly
3.) Pink Passion Butterfly

I'm leaving you to enjoy the pics, if you're interested in any of these items, feel free to contact me.
Here is my address:

Feel free to leave me a comment, I always love to hear from you! :)

Needless to say, my inspiration was SUMMER!! ;)

Have a lovely weekend,

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Necklace mod. Silver Sea 02

So here it is!! The necklace that I currently still have available!
So far I have only ONE piece available, but if you guys show a bigger interest in this particular model, I'll try to make more of these (well, at least similar to these).

If you're interested, don't hesitate to send me your inquiry at my e-mail address:
Or if you have any questions regarding this necklace (or any of my jewellery pieces), I'll be happy to answer you back!

Thanx for viewing my blog &see you soon with other cute necklaces (I have something very unique to show- I just made it today lol)


Necklace mod. Silver Sea 01

Hello girls! (...&boys!!)
...maybe I have some guys readers too...who are searching for a present for their beloved one ;)

As I've promissed, I'm updating you on my newest creations- necklaces!
I'll do a video on my necklaces soon, but until then I wanted to show you some pics here on my jewellery blog.

This week, I'm thinking about all of you silver jewellery lovers! :)
I have a similar model of necklace in gold, called "Little Mermaid" (you'll find it here on my blog as well) and I got quite a few requests to do more silver jewellery, especially necklaces with sea shells.
So I created this one, called "Silver Sea".
Unfortunately, I have to inform you that this necklace is NO longer available! :(
It was gone even before I got a chance to display it on my blog!!
It's unique, handmade and there won't be another piece that is exactly the same.
I still wanted to display the pics here on my blog so you can see it :)

I have something similar to offer, if you're interested in this model :)

This one was made out of a three silver chains, all three had a different form (one of them was covered in rhinestones). Then I attached some sea shells to make it even more special and summery :)

I'll make another blogpost showing you the necklace that is still available.
Bare in mind that most of my jewellery is unique and not often can I do two pieces that are exactly the same. Sometimes I have the possibility (the material) to do that, but even then, I can only make limited quantity. Which makes sense, due to the fact that I'm not a jewellery factory- lol
But I kind of prefer it that way- because I like my jewellery to be unique and I see that you also like knowing that when you decide to get my jewellery, you know it's something special and unique-something that only you will have :) and not only you...and the rest of the world !! lol

Talk to you soon,


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