Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Free Shipping Worldwide In July!!

Hello girls!

You might have been wondering what's new on B-deas jewellery, since I haven't been posting anything new in a while...
Basically, it's so hot in Italy these days, that I haven't really been doing much... I do have some new ideas& new necklaces that I need to finish, but I need to go shopping for my supplies before, as I ran out of some bits& pieces that are needed for the successful creation of a new jewellery.

I am preparing two videos on my handamde necklaces that I haven't shown you yet on my youtube channel, so I'm hoping I'll have these complete by the end of the next week.
Therefor I took these pics (because I'm going to include these in my videos too), so here you have a little preview of what's my videos going to be about! :)

I wanted to mention one IMPORTANT thing! July (Summer) sales has began!
I can't really offer you a huge sale on my jewellery, I hope you'll understand that, I'm not in a mass production and my jewellery is really unique& original.
But I did want to do a little something for my loyal supporters, that's how I decided to give you a gift of a FREE SHIPPING during the whole month of JULY on any of my handamde item that you choose! I'm offering THE FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE, regardless of where do you live!
So if you have your eyes set on any of my jewellery pieces, now is the right time to get it!!

(I'm offering the free shipping the regular way, if you'd like to ensure your package, or have it sent with the receipt, you'll pay the extra difference between the regular shipping and the one you required. AE, if the regular shipping costs 3 euros and the one you required costs 7, you'll pay 4 euros for the shipping, the rest will be on me.)

Don't hesitate to contact me! Whatever questions you might have! Sometimes you'd be surprised at how affordable are a certain pieces of my handmade jewellery :) Don't be affraid to ask!
Here is my contact address:

Thank you for all your support& enjoy your summer (wearing B-deas jewellery)!



  1. I came to your channel from Liz! Are you gonna make more necklaces? I really like yours & would like to buy one. I like how you put little dolls on them too :)

  2. Thank you for your interest in my jewellery!
    I am definitely going to update my blog& make more jewellery in the future!
    I've just been so busy with other things in the past months! If you'd like to purchase anything, or if you'd like something custom made for you, don't hesitate to contact me at:
    Thanx xoxo

  3. Great job! Keep it up. Awe inspiring in more ways than one. Hope to see similar stuff coming from you again.

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