Saturday, 27 August 2011

New Necklace: The Sea

Hello girls!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I do have a few of new jewellery pieces that I'd like to present you :)

I'll start with this blue necklace that I called "The Sea".

I like it because it has got a different shades of blue that vary from the light blue, to the dark blue/ navy blue colour.
This necklace is also handmade by me, it's made of light blue cord and then I mixed wooden beads with smaller, glass beads (the glass is authentic "made in Venice, Italy" quality glass).

Here are a few pics...
(if you're interested to know more about this necklace, feel free to contact me at:
or leave me a contact bellow with your inquiry and your contact details.
I'll be happy to reply to you ASAP!)
This necklace is unique, therefor I only have one piece available!

Thank you very much for reading my blog!

Sonja xx

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