Friday, 11 November 2011

Wrap Bracelets "Pink"

Hello my lovelies!

I already did a post about my wrap bracelets, but I have new ones in B-deas Jewellery collection, these are more cororful, made with pale pink cord and little crystals, instead of just a regular colorful beads, like my first ones (plus, the first ones are no longer available!)

Here are a couple of pictures:

B-deas Jewellery Handmade Wrap Bracelets (with little silver col. pendants)

If you're interested in ordering these, keep in mind that you can order whichever colour of the cord/crystals you want, and also the length (they can be "regular" like the ones in my pics, or "extra long", that you can wrap twice around your wrist).

Little silver pendants: Currently you can choose the bag/purse, seashell, or the sun pendant.

For any other questions/ request, contact me directly at:


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