Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Necklace mod. Silver Sea 01

Hello girls! (...&boys!!)
...maybe I have some guys readers too...who are searching for a present for their beloved one ;)

As I've promissed, I'm updating you on my newest creations- necklaces!
I'll do a video on my necklaces soon, but until then I wanted to show you some pics here on my jewellery blog.

This week, I'm thinking about all of you silver jewellery lovers! :)
I have a similar model of necklace in gold, called "Little Mermaid" (you'll find it here on my blog as well) and I got quite a few requests to do more silver jewellery, especially necklaces with sea shells.
So I created this one, called "Silver Sea".
Unfortunately, I have to inform you that this necklace is NO longer available! :(
It was gone even before I got a chance to display it on my blog!!
It's unique, handmade and there won't be another piece that is exactly the same.
I still wanted to display the pics here on my blog so you can see it :)

I have something similar to offer, if you're interested in this model :)

This one was made out of a three silver chains, all three had a different form (one of them was covered in rhinestones). Then I attached some sea shells to make it even more special and summery :)

I'll make another blogpost showing you the necklace that is still available.
Bare in mind that most of my jewellery is unique and not often can I do two pieces that are exactly the same. Sometimes I have the possibility (the material) to do that, but even then, I can only make limited quantity. Which makes sense, due to the fact that I'm not a jewellery factory- lol
But I kind of prefer it that way- because I like my jewellery to be unique and I see that you also like knowing that when you decide to get my jewellery, you know it's something special and unique-something that only you will have :) and not only you...and the rest of the world !! lol

Talk to you soon,

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