Monday, 13 December 2010

Holiday Season With B-deas Jewellery!

Hello guys!
How have you been doing?
I know, I know, it's been a while since I posted here on my handmade jewellery dedicated blog!
But here I am now to give you a little update on what's new on B-deas jewellery!
Holiday season is approaching& I'd like to present you some of my handmade jewellery pieces that I believe, could be an ideal gift for your beloved ones!
Or, if you have been feeling like treating yourself with something nice, maybe a unique piece of accessorie that you can wear with your outfits in the special occasions& festivities, might just be the answer!
Remember, all my jewellery is handmade, unique& made with love <3
Today I took a fun day trip to the mountains, brought my jewellery with me, exhibited them in an unique way& took a lot of pics, to show them here on my blog, what have I prepared for you in this holiday season! :)
Necklace mod. Tribal Poem

Necklace mod. Colours of My Joy

Necklace mod. Colours of My Joy (close-up)

Necklace mod. Golden Lorena

Necklace mod. Fairytales& Bows

Necklace mod. Purple Cuteness

Necklace mod. Silver Sea 02

Necklace mod. Silver Sea 02 (pic #2)

Necklace mod. Tribal Music

Necklace mod. Sunny Anna

Bracelet mod. Sweet Hearts

Necklace mod. Diva

Bracelets mod. Vragolani
(to be sold together, or individually)

Bracelets mod. Vragolani (pic #2)

Necklace/ Bracelet mod. Pink Lady

Necklace mod. Antique Perals

Necklace mod. Antique Pearls (pic #2)

Necklace mod. Sonja Loves Green!

So, here are they!
If you saw a piece of jewellery that you're interested in, for any type of additional information, don't hesitate to contact me!
You can do so by leaving me a comment under this blog post, with the model of the jewellery you're interested in& your contact details.
You can also contact me directly at:

Thank you all for stopping by!
Have a Happy Holidays :)
xoxo, Sonja

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  1. Those are some beautiful pieces!




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