Saturday, 1 May 2010

Necklace mod. Little Lady

Necklace mod. "Little Lady"
My newest creation :)
Dainty, delicate piece of accessorie.

This is one of my newest creations :)

This necklace is a mixture of materials: It's made with glass beeds, some smaller plastic beeds and real coral small red beeds.
It's perfect if you're searching for a subtle, delicate piece of accessorie that is going to compliment your outfit without overpowering it!
It can be worn with sleevless tops and long cotton cardigans. It goes well with all natural& earth colours.
If you have some kind of festivity or formal occasion planned, this is the perfect accessorie for it! It'll go the best teamed with a sweetheart neckline dresses! 

Pieces available: ONE
(Other colours possibly available on order!)

If you're interested to find out more info on this particular necklace (or any other jewellery that you might have taken interest in, from my previous blog posts), feel free to leave me a comment with your contact info!
You can also e-mail me at:

Thanx for viewing my handmade jewellery blog ;)


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