Sunday, 2 May 2010

Necklace mod. Linda Baby

Necklace mod. "Linda Baby"
Fun, colorful necklace!

Hello my readers& dear followers!

This is "Linda Baby", one of my newest creations!!
I have a necklace very similar to this one, but made out of a different materials. Every time I wear my necklace, people ask me where did I get it, because it's so unusual& unique...
To create this particular model, I used a golden chain, a black cord, colourful glass beeds and this little lady (that you ca see on the pics:) in her cute pink&white outfit ;D I named her Linda, as my highschool days best friend's name is.

This is such a fun necklace! Use it to stand out from the crowd, to accessorize your simple outfit, to bring a bit of joy in your everyday life!

Availability: ONE
Similar models might be available on order!

If you're interested to find out more info on this necklace, leave me a comment under this post, with your contact detail, or message me directly at:





  1. Hi Sonja! I will comment here on your jewelry video/organization, because I tried twice to post a comment there, but it kept saying "error". arghhh LOL
    I love this Linda baby necklace - it is sooo colorful, fun and cute..the little doll is precious!
    On your video, I was telling you, you have alot of earrings!!! LOL I loved all of your special, sentimental and personal handmade jewelry!!! The storage cases are really pretty!
    My late mother left alot of jewelry to me - mostly costume! She left a little Dragon broach, from Japan, of faux stones - black, diamond, red eyes (ruby - faux)...but my sister loved it, so she has it. LOL
    I have a jewelry drawer in my dresser. They put them in the better dressers, over here, now. So, you open the drawar, and it's lined in oh, felt or something plush and really pretty. I don't keep my valuable jewelry in there though - what little I have. LOL Thank you for sharing all your pretty pieces with us! I hope your Nars arrives any day now - 7-10 days, about a week, she said.xxoo

  2. that necklace is si cute! the little doll really makes it special, i like it a lot



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